About Big Ass Junk Removal

Big Ass Junk Removal is located in Lakewood and serves all of the Denver Metro area. We are a customer-oriented, full service junk removal & waste hauling service that focuses on a safe and efficient experience. We are driven to create and implement innovative strategies in order to achieve the best value for our customers, all while reducing impact on our planet.

Big Ass Junk Removal’s first priority is PEOPLE. Whether it be our customers, our employees, or the person sitting on the street corner. In both our professional and our personal lives, treating people correctly allows for boundless opportunities.


As people trusted to come into customers’ homes, we take great pride in our clean appearance. Doing so leads to clean day to day moving operations. Big Ass Junk Removal guarantees to leave a home cleaner than when we arrived.


In our society being polite and genuine is often overlooked for a cheap price tag. We believe in being kind and courteous in every situation. When our team arrive to your door step you will find: respectful, honest, hardworking, and — of course — handsome junk removers to get the job done right.


Whatever you choose to do in life, you may as well be the best! We are professional movers, because we are the best at we do! For every Big Ass Moving situation, there is a professional way to handle it successfully.


Drive and determination is at the core of who we are. Everyday Big Ass Movers strives to earn your business, complete the job in a timely manner, and fully exceed your expectations of a moving company.