Real Estate Junk Removal

Our goal at Big Ass Junk Removal is to make your move in or move out as quick & simple as possible. Call us for all of your real estate clean up needs.

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Real Estate Clean Out Service in Denver & Lakewood

If you need a clean out of your property for whatever reason, our real estate junk removal service based in Denver can provide you with quick, thorough, professional services. We take on this challenge for you, so you do not have to worry about the junk and trash. You can then put your complete focus on what you need to do with your property next.

Home is where the heart is

Our junk removal team is experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly. We know that home is where the heart is and you want this work done as soon as possible. We will work with your scheduling needs to serve you best. We pride ourselves on being eco-friendly, and we focus on the three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. Much of what we haul away will be recycled or donated.

What exactly falls under the category, Real Estate Junk Removal?

Click through the tabs below to learn more about some of our real estate junk removal services.

Foreclosure Cleanouts

Just purchased or are getting ready to sell a foreclosed home? Depending on what shape the house is in, you may have a lot of work that needs to be done to make the property livable. There is no reason to waste your own valuable time when we are willing to come in and handle the junk removal for you. Carpet, debris, trash, and even drywall, we will haul it all.

Estate Property Removal

When a family’s loved one dies, many times there are many things that did not go in the estate sale or were not passed down to the family. It can be overwhelming and emotional to sort through someone’s possessions they have accumulated for their whole life. Our junk removal professional can come, whenever is convenient for you and your family, and haul away whatever is unwanted and unclaimed.

Abandoned Property Clean up

Having a tenant move out can be an extremely stressful time, whether he or she intentionally abandoned the property or was evicted. There could still be a lot of personal belongings, furniture, and trash that was left behind even if the place was not trashed. To fully clean out this property will take significant work, especially for the heavier items. Our real estate junk removal pros can come and take away all the remaining junk so you can better prepare your property to be rented or sold.

Real Estate Trash Removal

Have you started a spring cleaning project that grew larger than you thought it would? Alternatively, did you have a garage sale with leftover items still taking up your time and energy? Maybe you threw a large party and had more trash than you can put into your garbage cans. Whatever the reasons you have too much trash, our professionals can come and remove it, quickly and affordably so your home can return to its original splendor.

Remodel Debris Haul Away

Are you doing a rehab project to the house? Whether it is your own home, rental property, or a home you plan to flip It can be plenty of work resulting in an enormous amount of waste and debris. Maybe your dumpster became too full too quickly. Our professional real estate junk removal team can help keep your project safe and moving on schedule by coming and removing the unwanted junk throughout the entire project.

When it comes to real estate junk removal services in Denver, we are some of the most reliable professionals willing to haul away your unwanted items. If you are overwhelmed with junk, debris, or trash at your property, then contact us today to learn how we can help you.