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Welcome to Big Ass Junk Removal! We are your trusted partner for all your junk removal needs in Northglenn, CO, and surrounding areas. Our eco-friendly junk removal services provide seamless and stress-free experiences for homes and businesses, with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Why Choose Big Ass Junk Removal in Northglenn, Colorado

Big Ass Junk Removal understands that decluttering can be overwhelming. We're here to provide reliable services and expertise to help you efficiently declutter your space. Here's why you should choose us:


When you engage Big Ass Junk Removal, you're not just hiring any junk removal service—you're partnering with a team of highly trained professionals. Our crew is comprised of experts experienced in handling a wide array of junk removal projects. From large-scale estate cleanouts to small residential pickups, we approach every job with the same level of professionalism, ensuring that your property and belongings are treated with care and respect. Safety is our top priority, and we strictly follow protocols to ensure the safety of our team and your property during the removal process.

Comprehensive Services

At Big Ass Junk Removal, we recognize that each junk removal task is different. That's why we provide all-inclusive services that are tailored to fit your specific requirements. Whether you're grappling with the disposal of old furniture, appliances, electronics, or debris from a construction project, rest assured, we have the solution. Our versatile team is adept at tackling tasks of any magnitude and intricacy, leaving no item behind. Whether it's a single-item pickup or a comprehensive property cleanout, we tailor our services to suit your needs precisely, delivering a bespoke solution that surpasses your expectations.

Eco-Friendly Practices

At Big Ass Junk Removal, our dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship is at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to implementing eco-friendly practices across all aspects of our operations. Understanding the critical need to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint, we prioritize recycling and donation whenever feasible.

Prompt Response

We recognize the urgency involved in junk removal tasks. Hence, our pledge is to deliver swift and effective service to our esteemed clients in Northglenn, CO. Upon contacting us for junk removal assistance, we'll collaborate with you to arrange a pickup time that aligns seamlessly with your agenda. Our aim is to mitigate any interruption to your daily activities and offer timely resolutions to your clutter-clearing requirements. Whether you need immediate assistance or prefer to schedule ahead, we will be at your service exactly when you need us at Big Ass Junk Removal.

Affordable Rates

At Big Ass Junk Removal, we firmly believe that exceptional service shouldn't break the bank. That's why we're committed to offering transparent and competitive pricing for all our junk removal services in Northglenn, CO. We provide upfront quotes with no hidden fees, ensuring complete clarity before we even start the removal process. Our aim is to deliver the utmost value for your investment, allowing you to reclaim your space without denting your budget. With Big Ass Junk Removal, rest assured that you're receiving top-notch service at an affordable rate.

Our Junk Removal Services Northglenn, CO

At Big Ass Junk Removal, we offer a wide range of junk removal services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you're clearing out a construction site, renovating your office, or decluttering your home, we have the expertise and resources to efficiently get the job done. Our services include:

Residential Junk Removal:

  • Removal of old furniture, including sofas, mattresses, and tables.
  • Appliance disposal, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, and more.
  • Electronics recycling, including TVs, computers, printers, and smartphones.

Commercial Junk Removal:

  • Office furniture removal, including desks, chairs, and filing cabinets.
  • Retail store cleanouts, including shelving units, displays, and fixtures.
  • Construction debris removal, including wood, drywall, concrete, and metal scraps.
  • Warehouse cleanouts for excess inventory or outdated equipment.

Our Process

Big Ass Junk Removal follows a simple process to provide a hassle-free experience for clients.

  1. Schedule Your Appointment: Contact us via phone or fill out our online form to schedule a convenient appointment for junk removal.
  2. On-Site Assessment: Our team will arrive at your location at the scheduled time to assess the items that need to be removed and provide you with a transparent quote.
  3. Junk Removal: Once you approve the quote, we'll proceed with the junk removal process, carefully loading and transporting the items to our disposal facility.
  4. Recycling and Donation: We will sort through the items to determine what can be recycled or donated, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.
  5. Final Cleanup: After removing all the junk, we'll ensure that your space is left clean and tidy, ready for you to enjoy.

Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At Big Ass Junk Removal, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability in all aspects of our operations. This steadfast dedication drives us to integrate eco-conscious practices at every stage of our junk removal process, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

  • Recycling: We work tirelessly to ensure that as much of the junk we collect as possible is recycled. From metals and plastics to paper and electronics, we partner with local recycling facilities to divert materials from landfills and reduce environmental impact.
  • Donation: Many items that are no longer needed by our clients can still be of use to others. We carefully assess each item we collect to determine if it can be donated to local charities, shelters, or thrift stores. By giving back to our community in this way, we not only reduce waste but also support those in need.
  • Proper Disposal: For items that cannot be recycled or donated, we ensure they are disposed of responsibly. We adhere to all local regulations and guidelines for waste disposal, utilizing authorized facilities to minimize environmental harm.
  • Sustainable Practices: In our day-to-day operations, we strive to minimize waste and energy consumption. From using fuel-efficient vehicles to optimizing our routes for maximum efficiency, we're constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact.

By choosing Big Ass Junk Removal for your junk removal needs in Northglenn, CO, you're not only reclaiming your space but also contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

Our Service Area in Northglenn, CO

Big Ass Junk Removal proudly serves the vibrant community of Northglenn, CO, and its surrounding areas. Whether you're located in the heart of Northglenn or in nearby neighborhoods such as Fox Run, Highland Hills, or Wyco Park, we're just a phone call away. Our commitment to providing reliable and efficient rubbish removal services extends throughout the entire area, ensuring that both households and businesses can depend on our high-quality solutions for removing clutter and debris.


How much does junk removal cost?

The cost of junk removal can vary depending on factors such as the volume and type of items to be removed. At Big Ass Junk Removal, we offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Contact us for a free quote tailored to your specific needs.

What types of items do you remove?

We remove a wide range of items, including furniture, appliances, electronics, construction debris, and more. If you're unsure whether we can remove a particular item, feel free to reach out to us for clarification.

Do you offer same-day service?

We strive to accommodate our clients' schedules as much as possible. While same-day service may only sometimes be available due to high demand, we'll do our best to find a convenient appointment time for you.

How does the junk removal process work?

You can schedule an appointment with us to begin the junk removal process. Our team will then arrive on-site and assess the items needing removal. We'll provide you with a quote, and once you approve it, we'll proceed with the removal process. We'll handle all the heavy lifting and disposal, leaving your space clean and clutter-free.

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